Friday, 29 July 2011

One. Update.

Hello there people, 

Here at We See It HQ, thing are shaping up nicely for issue 1! The submissions have been wonderful, the artists have been amazing and the talent is undeniable! 

We wanted to let you guys know that the quota for photography for issue one is now filled. We have genuinely looked through all the images in the Flickr pool and have contacted some people. If we havent contacted you, DONT WORRY!! It probably means we will contact you for issue 2. So please continue to add to the Flickr pool.

We are still looking for writers, illustrators and bloggers to contribute to the zine! Please just send us an email to

Our Flickr Group -
Our Facebook  -

Please continue to share our Facebook with your friends and fans, we will announce the release date of issue 1 there also! 

We See It x 

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