Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Submissions | Vol 4

Hello Readers! 

We want ot thank you all for your support of We See It | Vol 3. The feedback has been wonderful! A big well done to all the contributors and readers! Our inbox has been hopping since the release of the last issue but theres still some room for submissions. 

We would now like to open submissions for the first issu of 2011 - Vol 4.  As we have already gotten some photogrphic submissions, we have space for at lat 3 more photographic submissions. We would really love some Illustrators/Bloggers/ Writers and Designers to get in touch! 

Writers | bloggers 
Please email your a link to your blog and include a brief description of yourself and your idea for a story/ article.

Fashion Designers | Crafters 
We want to feature you too! Email some high res images and a description of yourself and your work to us! Remember to include a link to your blog or site.

Artists | Illustrators | Photographers
We want to feature and interview all kinds of creatives. Please email us and tell us about yourself and what you do. Include a link to your portfolio.

We pick out artist for "The Exhibition" pages through our Flickr Group!

We want Fashion Editorials! but would love them unpublished, which means we would prefer if they havent already been put up on flickr, websites, facebook, blogs or other magazines. Editorial stories with strong use of styling and good execution will be considered. Clothing used in the editorials does not have to be independent or top designers, work with what you have and keep the focus on the styling and the art!!

Please submit your high res images and include the following:

1. Brief description of yourself and your work.
2. A title for the editorial your submitting
3. Credits to all people involved in the production eg. Model, MUA, Designer, Stylist etc.
Please send jpeg or pdf files, no zipped files.

If you have something to include that doesnt fit in with our guide here, please just drop us a mail and we will try to respond.

Submit :

We will close submissions on the 25th of January, be advised that places fill up fast!

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WSI Team

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